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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  December 31, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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a woman says a man demanded money from her near golden gate avenue. she gave him $5. he grabbed the car and threw it into traffic where it was run over. >> turning now to the fiscal cliff. it's cost americans more money in tax asks caused deep cuts to many programmer autos there is no deal. right now, congressional leaders said to be close toon agreement f it happens it won't be until tomorrow at earliest. >> abc 7 news has been monitoring the back and north and joins usry. mark, safe to say we may go over the cliff but not to a crash landing. >> you're right that. is a good way to put it. just hours until the fiscal cliff deadline, house republicans have pulled a plug. this, after both senate and white house made it clear a deal was very close. >> president obama told supporters this afternoon that there has been progress in avoiding a hike in middle class tax autos preventing that tax hike has been my top
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priority. >> the president said the deal being worked outwqjx between the senate republican leader mcconnell and vice president will extend current tax rates for households making up to $450,000 per year, increasing estate tax rate from 35% to 40%, and extend unemployment benefits one year. sticking spoint how long to push off massive mandatory spending cuts to the pentagon and domestic program goesing into affect in the new year, democrats want a one year extension, republicans insifrting on sooner. the president issued this warning about cuts only strategy. >> if they think that is going to be the form larks they've got another thing coming. it's not how goitsing to work. >> republicans bristledíróqj2lt remarks. >> it was dismissive and insulting. belittling and in the end, sad. >> senate republican leader mitch mcconnell didn't join n
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after months of refusing to vote, he said now is the time. everyone agrees that that action is necessary. and i can report we've reached an agreement on all of the tax issues. we're very, very, close. >> very close? but no cigar until tomorrow. and tonight, at midnight, the tax cuts expire for everybody. everybody's taxes go up. tomorrow, the republican-led house can lower rates and claim that they never raise taxes on the rich, and only voted for a tax cut. in the newsroom abc 7 news. >> a year end rally on wall street, investors responded to the opt nix talks before the negotiators left the table. still, all three indicators up
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on the final day of trading this year. the dow jones finished at just over 13,104. >> doctors for hillary clinton announced she has a blood clot behind her right ear. >> it developed in a vus vessel between her skull and brain. fit reaches her brain, kit cause a stroke, her doctors remain optimistic she will make a full recovery. clinton was bedridden after she faint that had caused a concussion. she plans to step down as secretary of state in january. >> san francisco police are planning to keep the embarcadero open with a crowd expected downtown for the new year's eve. fire works show going to be happening soon. traffic control division is on stand by but plis say that is a last resort, a quarter million revelers are expected on the water front to seat fire works. officials want to remind people to stay it safe, and
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smart. >> there is no drunking in public no, open container as loued. we recommend you travel together in, pairs. look out for each other, get there early. it will be crowded. >> this 15 minute display will feature up to 5,000 devices launched in a barge in the bay. >> here is a live look at what the embark dare crow looks like now. not too crowded yet. but hundreds of thousands pechl expected to line streets. and they'll have a lot of options when it comes to getting around safely. abc 7 news joins us now with details on everything from free rides to price hikes just for tonight. keira? >> good evening, people are starting to arrive here to the cal train station in san francisco in the new year's eve best. cal train isn't free until 11:00 tonight. muni free beginning at 8:00. bart will not be free, but will be having extended hours until 3:00 a.m. and then, there is luxor cab
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company. this is the fifth year it's teeming up to offer free rides to customers. the safe and sober program runs from 10:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m. >> they pay 100% of it up to $35. it's a ride within san francisco only. idea is to pick up a customer, at a bar or restaurant, and then, take them home. not to another bar. >> if you're one of the hundreds of thousands of people, here is information courtesy of the limo service. peak travel times from 8:30 to 9:45 after ball drops of the best times to catch a cab are probably when you don't need them. and there surge pricing tonight meaning highest peak hours prices could be as much as double costs but they're
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being straight ford about this charge. i'll have more coming up tonight on abc 7 news at 5:00. >> the question is what is the weather going to be like? >> i'm going to predict cold. spencer christian joins us live. am i right? >> going to be chilly. to some people, it might be cold. you're in the ballpark which is interesting. for you to be in a ballpark. you can see moisture, let me assure you this moisture is headed south ward not into our direction. so we're not expecting any wraichblt we may see high clouds. it's getting cool at the moment. temperatures into low 50s upper 40s inland locations like antioch. certainly tonight, fire works time, you can expect cool to cold conditions. skies mainly clear, high clouds around between 11:00
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p.m. and 1:00 a.m. we'll see temperatures in low to mid-40s. so there should be good viewing visibility. fire works going to be higher. i'll give you a look at what new year's day will bring later. >> spencer, thank you so much. >> all right. if kbrur still looking for something to do tonight and you haven't got an invitation to cheryl's party? >> i'll be here. >> that is right. we'll be here. >> there is a lot going on. fire works shows around the bay. and you can check it out on our web site. >> check out time's square in new york city. oh, my goodness. >> about five hoursing to before the newnás6ñ year. party started there. spencer checked. weather is 37 degrees. is that cold? is that chilly to you? i don't know. >> it's cold. yes. you've gottens of thousands of people there. no fire works here.
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there is a big draw of the crystal ball that drops. >> it's going to get colder, you can ring in the new year, at 8:00 there is going to be a special new year's rocking eve celebration at 10:00, the countdown with the rocking eve.a with ryan seacrest. at 11:00 we're going to report on celebrations on abc 7 news. then at 11:30 we'll go back to new york and i say that was ryan seacrest. >> yes. everywhere, actually. >> hundreds of new state laws going into affect at midnight. one will regulate party buses. the law requires charter bus drivers and a chaperones to check ids of under aged passengers if there is alcohol on board. there is a similar law for
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limousines. bus drivers will face fines of up to $2,000. last july a woman fell off a party bus and was killed. all passengers were drunk. >> still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00 a blogger gives her teenager an iphone with a catch. >> also, around the clock preparations. finishing touches being tut putt on floats for the tournament of roses parade. >> into our 4:30 half hour, why alameda county could cost you extra in the new year. >> at 4:10 checking traffic. our first look this hour. a live view of the skyway, downtown. everybody getting ready for holidays. not much traffic to report. slower going left to right. better if you're on the ritd side of the screen headed southbound. stay with us. lots more still to come on
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south of the sanford alums fans will take part of one of the traditions tomorrow, workers spent the day putting on finishing touches on floats for the tournament of roses parade. organizers expect a million we're going to have a live report at 5:00. abc 7 will carry the parade tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. once it ends, all iz will shift to the rose bowl that, is where stanford will face off against wisconsin in what football fans are calling the
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grand daddy of them all. mike shumann is heading to pasadena to cover the rose bowl. the reports will air tomorrow on here on abc 7. >> and time forest for the 49ers after wrapping up their second division title yesterday. a 27-13 victory at arizona that caps niners regular season at 11, 4, one. nfc meaning the 49ers will get a first round bye in the playoffs. get to watch this up upcoming weekend. the head coach says coaches rb working to try to prepare for this week as well, players will get a couple days off. >> i hope they rest their minds and bodies. they've got to be really important. you know? celebration willjhk! be after e super bowl. not new year's eve. >> harbaugh said niners will
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consider bringing in new kickers. he has been erratic this season, and missed two more field goals yesterday. as for raiders they fired four assistant coaches today after the sill skprer black missed playoffs for the 10th gleer a row. coaches got their pink slips. raiders dismissed special teams coordinator, offensive line coach and line backers head. the head coach said, quote, decisions like this are very difficult but the team did not perform, so changes. that is what happens. >> yes. listen to this. a few paper moving out of bankruptcy could mean for the future of other big-name newspapers. >> good afternoon, larry, cheryl. tribune is no longer bankrupt but the road ahead is far from
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certain. assets are largely old media assets like newspapers, and television states and stakes in food network as well as web sites career but in today's landscape analysts say the best move might be to sell the newspapers, sources telling bloomberg rupert murdock is among potential buyers. it's possible it will bet the tribune on movie stations. net flix ceo started out with a bang. compensation package for 2013 will double, hitting $4 million, $2 million salary, $2 million stock options he took a pay cut because of management missteps. irving azoff resigned from the world's biggest concert promoter selling 1.7 million shares of live nation stock recently. and saying oversatisfying the
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merger looks for returning to the entrepreneurial world. says lawyers try to shut me up, now. shares of apple gaining 4.4%. stocks third biggest jump. shares of apple gained 31%, but closing today, stocks well off it's 52 week high of $705 a shairks turning broader market, stocks closing higher for the day. your bloomberg silicon valley index higher as well. speaking of apple, 13-year-old gregory hoffman got a great christmas present. an iphone but with a catch. the blogger told gregory he had to agree to a 13-point contract to keep the device. points include keep your manners, use your manners on
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the phone, never ignore a call from mom or dad. mom must know the pass word as well. trying to put a damper on his new year's eve plans i'm sure, i'm cory johnson with bloomberg west, back to you it will keep him out of trouble for now. happy new year. >> patrol is warning drivers who may be on the road tonight and tomorrow, watch out for black is. -- ice. it's being blamed for an accident near or yinda. the car slid off the road, and tumbled about 60 feet down the hillside, then, rolled. chp says the second blk ice accident on the road near richmond amazingly nobody was hurt. and 2013 will begin with lots of bad air in the bay area, air quality management district issued a first spare the air district. meaning no logs in the fireplace or outdoor fire pits. you can blame the lack of wind that. makes air we breathe not so
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healthy. >> let's get the new year's eve forecast. i got off the plane from hawaii yesterday and realized we're not in the beach any more. >> no. we're not. >> it's chilly here. not frigid yet. we're got beautiful conditions. check out this live view in emeryville. all of the clr, texture, and this is as an artistic rendering. let's take a look at our live doppler 7 hd. sunshine around, days getting longer now. moisture in the upper atmosphere off shore. and not coming into our direction moving south ward. what you can expect a clear, chilly weather conditions at midnight. new>apjl.6y9ójrñmwm9óçó beginsy note tomorrow. cool day and a dry pattern continues into the weekend. okay.
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cold snap we have now is about to get colder overnight tomorrow night into wednesday morning. freeze watch in effect in mountains low temperatures wednesday morning in mid to upper 20s. pipes, plants, possess and people could be at risk. overnight tonight, it will be cold in spots. not quite as cold as tomorrow morning. wednesday morning looking for lows dropping to 31 in santa rosa. so lots of chilly weather around the bay area in the interior valley. satellite radar shows an approaching cold front, it's a weak system getting weaker. and that is why we don't expect high clouds moving through. 7:00 this evening, notice just a few passing high clouds. mainly clear skies.
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new year's day, tomorrow, sunny skies and cool. high clouds around. sunnier than now. and... here is how things look bouncing around different locations in the bay area, sunny in south bay.'dx high temperatures mid-50s. 54 san jose. you can call it sunny day. 53 in redwood city. 54 palo alto. 52 half moon bay. downtown, a high of only 51 tomorrow. 50s into sunset district. north bay highs into mid-50s up into valleys. 55 in santa rosa. to mid-50s tomorrow, 52 in oakland. inland east bay into low 50s. 52 in concord and near monterey bay, milder weather
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there. mid, inching towards upper 50s tomorrow, 57 in salinas. here is the accu-weather forecast.s1ñy÷ a zri pattern throughout the weekend. a very frost year, chill yes one for tuesday night into wednesday morning. there is a slight chance of showers on sunday, doesn't look like a major rain storm, and sunnier, drier monday so. first week of 2013 looks like a dry one. >> a sunny bay area. >> yes. sunny. >> that is true. >> up next a story for mothers wondering whopñ3ye goes on when charge. >> one father decided to do to prove he was working. >> and later on this could happen, giraffes going neck and neck, what is behind this wild fight. >> another check of traffic alt the bay bridge. people were backed up into
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cash lanes if you have fast track you're breezing into the city. thousands will be coming in tonight to watch celebrations and fire works and such. it's going to get heavy crossing the bay bridge.
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i love this story. >> right. >> we know some guys can get a
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bad rap because some aren't very fatherly. >> that is what i've heard. one mom was skeptical, getting home seeing her husband and see the home was spotless. she's thinking he does nudging when i'm gone. >> right. well, he wanted to prove he did do things and it's a video to prove he is a good dad. the kids set up this time lapse camera, recorded the day with the baby. place is trashed turns into a man cave, it's time for mom to come home, look what he does huh? clean up time. >> that spees of mind to know my guys are at home, just eastbound enjoying and having a blast. so... i just love it. i love it. i can watch a million times. >> she and everybody else, oh, my goodness. that video turned her into an admiring mom and made dad an internet star. >> father year. >> green day is resuming tour
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dates kick off march 28th. the tour was put on hold earlier this year when billy joe armstrong would undergo treatment for substance abuse. some new west coast dates are expected to announced. >> still ahead at 4:00 a ban on mastics. >> it's not a new year's ses res lugs but rather a thing of the past. i'll have the story coming up. >> a different type of new year's eve party happening now in san francisco. you can help residents in need and get free stuff for yourself. >> we're more than seven hours from the new year, other parts of the world have rung in 2013. we'll have a wrap up for you. >> i'm michael finney looking to get back in shape for the new year and need help?
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we'll put popular
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there are changes coming tomorrow for east bay shoppers. new year's day will mark the end of a plastic bag in alameda county stores this is a growing trend in the bay and
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across the nation as well. laura anthony joins us live from oakland. laura? >>&(ñe well, this safeway has a sign on the door saying starting tomorrow, these bags will be a thing of the past here. and we found many folks who support the ban there were some who were unaware, or unhappy.0 this is the last day these bags will be exiting the store in oakland. kurt sif a new ordinance banning them effective january 1. not every shopper welcomes the change. >> do you think gits to get rid of these? >> do you think it's good? no. i mean, these are plastic bags. people don't bring bag autos others think they can adjust by bringing their own reusable bags, or purchasing paper ones for 10 cents each it will be a new habit. people will be -- it will be difficult but something everything does. >> at village market, plastic
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bags have been pass yeah now for four years. >> at the time we're just trying to ahead of the curve. it's terrible for the environment. we thought waits good. >> until now, village market has been giving away the paper, starting tuesday, those will come at a price. >> i think it makes sense. the bags do cost something. >> making you think about bringing your own? >> i don't know. >> now, the manager told us that he may try to provide boxes from the back of the store for customers who don't bring their own bags, like a kos stow -- costco store does, now. we'll hear from a woman that lives here who has, for five years lives a plastic drk free live that. will be tint on abc 7 news at 6:00. in oakland abc 7 news.
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wúu7nñgh to do, thank you very appreciate it there is a new year's eve party underway now, you're invited and koit mean a tax write off. helping bay area neighbors in need. abc 7 news has more from goodwill's san francisco headquarters on mission street. >> it's become a tradition. people showing up on new year's eve to give to the goodwill. >> it's off the charts. i mean we have hundreds and hundreds of people today. unusually -- usually long lines down the street. down mission street. >> goodwill decided to turn the day into a celebration. they're giving away snacks, movie tickets, tickets to the zoo, and even have bell hops ready to take your donation. >> i heard advertisement and thought it would be a good idea to support goodwill. i do shop there often. it's a good time to clean out the closet. >> give aways are good incentive. people are here to make tax deadline its the last day for
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tax write off. it's not the only reason why i donate but, why not? >> goodwill says tax write off is more an incentive in some areas than other autos research has shown it's more important in sanwó6) mateo couny n marin, it's the environment. san francisco, it's the environment. but the way we help people. >> the region is generous, people in the bay area give more than 20 million pounds of stuff each year. a good chunk comes in this week. workers here say the stuff is good. >> we get chanel, prada, we get michael kors. what you find at macy's and blooming daels you'll also find at goodwill. >> check it out. they had to bring in police officers to help with traffic. they say the turn out has been better than they expected and will be herefmj2ñ at mission stt until 5:00 this afternoon.
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>> pope benedict call forward medication and reflection. 85-year-old pope says there more good news than bad news in the world even in the bad grabs more headlines and urged followers to tick a step back from negativity andgéd1ws on acts of love and service. >> bay area still has a few mer hours to go before the new year but most of the world has celebrated. >> that is right. we've got a quick new year's eve trip around the world for you. >> wow, in australia, it is wuchbt world's largest celebrations and expensive, at $7 million. and about 100,000 people turned up to see hong kong's fire works show. wow.;@
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>> taiwan's new year's celebration did not come without controversy. samsung electronics offered over a million dollars to light up city skyscrapers. samsung from south korea that. is taiwan technology rival. taiwan tourism officials block that had deal. >> look at that light display. p that works enough, the nation is also fired the prague fill harmonic-to-during celebrations. getting a bird's eye view of the show, $4300 a person. >> just moments ago, london welcomed the new year over the
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river thames. bells from big ben rang loudly. it caps a big dear for london. >> they're not going to have as much fun as we are with fire works on the embark dareo coming up, new apps helping smart phone users stick to their new year's resolution autos an animal fight caught on camera. what experts say was behind this battle. >> as mount tam camera. clouds in the sky. they should not interfere with our viewing. i'm spencer christian n midnight forecast coming up. >> want to check the traffic this, is a live view of the golden gate bridge. everybody heading into san francisco is running into traffic. it's incoming traffic to the city. if you're headed into san francisco just expect it's going to be slow going at times. more still to come at 4:00.
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to an mazing video of an animal right. >> -- fight. >> the video shows two giraffes using their necks as weapons here. >> here is is a look at what happened when giraffes attack. >> huge claws, sharp teeth, aggressive antlers.
4:40 pm
now with this rare video, two unlikely fighters are sticking their necks in the ring. right giraffes.ícvó battling it out. watch. they jab their horns into each other, swinging their 500 pound neck was such force. but this predator expert says not to worry. >> it's a bit of a dance. males know where to stand, how to stand. and what the rules are. >> this is filmed on what is assumed to be gentle giants. their subjects revealed another side. >> people tend to think of giraffe as nice, docile, sweet animals and they generally are. but they're design forward fighting. >> these two males fighting over territory and likely a mate. but not to the death. >> smaller, probably younger
4:41 pm
male will end up losing the fight, go away, get bigger then get a chance next season. from predators like this bear or lions, just remember a cute face like this munching on leaves may be bulking up for battle. >> wow, they look so cute. you'd never think they'd be violent. >> no.igu >> love it. no. spencer christian. >> never pick on a giraffe or try to steal his girlfriend. it's dry in the bay area. it's diving south ward. for new year's day, looking at wet and rainy conditions over much of the east, southeast and into southern texas. remainder of the state, the
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state, the nation, dry and cold in the nation's mid section. neert state of california tomorrow, new year's day looks like a sunny one from top to bottom. calling it cool to mild. high temperatures into 50s and chillier over the sierra. here in the bay area, new year gets off to a nice, sunny start. cool with highs into low to mid-50s. 51 here in san francisco. 54, san jose. lovely day. followed -- following i should say clear new year's eve. we do expect good viewing for fire work as long embarcadero tonight. high clouds, will be chilly. otherwise, nice new year's eve and a pleasant new year's day tomorrow, i'll have more on the seven day as head at 5:00. >> thank you. >> coming up next, questions being raised about kate
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middleton's family, why some say her parents are exemployedding -- exploiting their daughter's pregnancy. >> what doctors say kids need to do to get the most out of the school day. >> do popular exercise programs work? we've put;ñ;ñ;ñ$x
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kate middleton's parents unveiling a new line of royal themed baby goods, prompting speculation they're trying to cash inin2uf on their daughter's pregnancy. the royal couple announced the pregnancy earlier this month. last week her parents introduced new lines of baby shower and first birthday products on the company web site. mr. p mrs. middleton own a mail order party supply company. the little prince and princess sets include plates, napkins and kutlery. >> healthing living news. fda approved first tuberculosis drug in owe 40 years called sorturo to fight hard to treat tuberculosis. roughly a third of the world's population is estimated to be
4:47 pm
infected with the bacteria causing tb. >> the recess is crucial and necessary for u.s. school children that. is a policy statement by american academy of pete yat tricks. doctors say free time during school is very important. the group points to studies showing kids focus bet gler classroom when they've had do> on to coon kon assumer news, consumer reports partnered with 7 on your side to put some of the seen on tv programs to the test. >> michael finney is here with that. >> have you ever used those? >> sure. >> do you think this happened by accident? >> this? >> that will be part two of+3r6c the report. if getting into shape is high on the list of res ligss, you're wondering if some products can help get you there, we may be able to help. consumer reports just put three to the test.
4:48 pm
there is nothing like a good infomercial to grab your attention. consumer reports tested three, jay glazer's perfect punch, and for women, the core body reform. >> we rounded up staffers to tryout products calling on a fitness expert to evaluate each one z had our nutrition expert take a look at the diets. >> the perfect punch is mixed mashlt arts to get you into shape. consumer reports found you can burn the same jogging four and a half miles 16 minutes and it was far from perfect. >> it kept rubbing against my shoulder. >> one more time, the bands can snap up. hitting me in the ears. i was going rip it in half. >> next up, rhythm rocker.
4:49 pm
>> this comes with severalkr#qk workouts and a guide, consumer reports panelists tried out the a11.5 minute video. turns out you burn equivalent of walking only two miles per hour on a tread mile seven day die jit pretty strict but our nutrition expert said there are limited option autos and $250 nautilis core body reformer for women. panelists found some balance exercise is tricky but this machine did well in consumer reports tests. >> workouts are well rounded if you're somewhat fit looking to improve strength it may be one to consider. >> consumer reports says kit help you improve balance and another advantage is the diet. consumer reports says it's easy to follow, you can lose slow, steady one to two pounds
4:50 pm
per week. >> in the a bad deal. >> yes. >> please. >> thank you. >> sure. >> thank you. >> well we have more coming up. want to be more healthier in 2013? how about the app to help you stoik that new year's resolution. >> workers in one city are going to get a small raise but some say that would be bad for the economy. >> hi, everyone, happy new year, i'm dan ashley. coming up at 5:00 new for you, going to take you live along the parade route. people are hunkering down, staking their claims to get best spots to watch the floats go by. and the high tech way you can now provide police what they need if you ever get stopped by cops. those story pz more when cheryl and i see you at 5:00. the news at 4:00 continues in just a moment.
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tomorrow, san francisco sets a new record, the minimum
4:54 pm
wage will be the highest in the nation, even higher than in santa fe, new mexico. workers are applauding but some economists are kind of critical of this. >> it was back in 2003 that advocates for low wage workers successfully campaigned to increase the minimum wage in san francisco. voter as proved a formula v to inflation and the cost of living. this outcome has been dramatic. from $8.50 in 2004 to, $10.24 an hour, tomorrow, jumping to $10.55 an hour, the vice president of the san francisco labor council says workers and the local economy are winners. >> those workers turn around, spend the money. soap helps san francisco in our growth. >> but the restaurant industry stri where thousands of the
4:55 pm
workers are he employed sees rising minimum wage as anything but positive. >> here at this restaurant across the giants ballpark, minimum wage but it means the restaurant mightbxvb not hire nw worker autos throughout the course of the year, it will probably add another $40,000 or $50,000 to payroll. it's harder to meet your bottom line. >> and economists say it's a job killer for young people with little'%% training. getting their foot on the ladder, really that. worries me. >> but those who fought hard are looking forward to a new year and new numbers on their paycheck. >> keeping your new year's resolution may be easy as clicking on a smart phone, one
4:56 pm
connects user was local doctors for new year's they can pick a resolution and work with their doctor. >> question of how to do it, when to do it. you can get an answer free, and continue getting it throughout the year. >> brewster consolidates contacts from several media sites showing phone numbers and e mails and also, linking interests and hobbies. check out sunset. it's spectacular looking from east bay hills. what a way to start the new year, thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. abc 7 has a host of free apps that you can down load or hit alarm clock app and that is
4:57 pm
alt our app available as well as ipad. abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now with dan and cheryl. >> thank you so much. close burke no deal. fiscal cliff compromise that could spare you tax increases for now and items lawmakers are still haggling over. >> despite presence of high clouds, fire works should be okay. i'll have the new year's forecast, coming up. >> thank you. skt new law going into affect this new year changing the way under aged party goers celebrate in california. >> there is no deal in congress over tax cuts and spending. good evening, i'm cheryl jenning autos so we're going over the fiscal cliff. kregs leaders say they're going to save us from disaster. everyone wants to know will we ring in the new year with more taxes? >> well, we will.
4:58 pm
and this for a while, anyway. the bush era tax cuts will expire at the strofk midnight. by tomorrow it's expect there'd will be a deal to vote on this, afternoon, the president called supporters to the white house to say an agreement to extend the cuts for middle class is very close. >> preventing that tax hike has been my top priority. last thing folks like folks up here on the stage can afford right is to pay an extrao;ye6) 2,000s ndz taxes next year. >> vice president and hsh mitch mcconnell have been leading on negotiations to extend the increasest qlait tax rate from 35% to 40% and extend unemployment benefits one year. >> we need to pro teblgt american families and job creators from this looming tax hike. everyone agrees that that
4:59 pm
action is necessary. and i can report we've reached an agreement on tax issues. >> sticking point has been what to do about spending cuts to military and social programs due to go into affect tomorrow. democratic congressional leaders want cuts put off for a year, republicans want to deal with them sooner, house republicans said they'd not be ready to vote until tomorrow, at the very earlierest. meaning that the increases which go into affect at midnight tonight well, when house republicans he meet they won't be voting to increase taxes they'll be voting to cut them. they will have gone up, already and will not have violated their pledge. >> unbelievable its politic autos yes. >> thank you. >> fascinating and painful. thank you very much. there is another deadline that could increase cost of milk if a deal is not made. a bill


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